Why Use A Load Bank?



Over time, lightly loaded generator sets develop wet-stacking and carbon build-up in the combustion chambers and exhaust system.

The use of a load bank helps prevent this and determines the generator’s capability to produce maximum output in terms of amperage and horsepower.

The impacts of low load running potentially include:

• Increased lube oil consumption

• Poor engine performance

• Increased fuel consumption

• Crankcase pressurization

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Resistive Only

• kW Rating (unity p.f)
• Tests the engine




• kVA Rating
(typically 0.8 p.f)
• Tests the engine and the alternator

For engine only exercising and general engine maintenance a resistive only load bank is ideal for clearing carbon build-up in the engine, it is the most common and cost effective option for preventative maintenance.

To test the engine and alternator typically at 0.8 power factor a resistive/reactive load bank can simulate a building load, it should be used if the generator is being paralleled with a utility but can also be used for preventative maintenance. Whilst a more costly option it gives a more accurate indication of the overall generators health and performance.

Benefits to load bank testing
•   Peace of mind – will the generator work when needed
•   Regular load testing can increase the life and reliability of a generator
•   Proves performance of the generator (resistive/reactive required for 0.8pf)
•   Aids commissioning of generators for utility paralleling applications (resistive/reactive)
•   Safe replication of emergency situations for new systems
•   Demonstrate engine output for overhauled engines

It is beneficial to have finite control of your equipment.
Our controllers offer:

Crestchic KCS
Crestchic KCS


The Crestchic KCS100 controller will allow load to be applied in increments from 1kW to 100% of generators rated load using thumbwheel selectors, a simple and straight forward controller this is ideally suited for generator maintenance applications.




Crestchic HHT
Crestchic HHT


With our enhanced microprocessor based Eclipse control system comes a greater level of control and flexibility, this can be combined with our PC software package to offer data capture of transients during a generator test.




How can owning a load bank benefit your business?

A load bank can benefit your business in a number of ways:
•    Ability to PDI your generators when they arrive
•    More self-sufficient and less reliant on others for your load bank needs
•    Witness testing generators at your premises
•    Provide load bank(s) for customer site tests
•    Preventative maintenance running for generator rental applications
•    Become a natural partner for your clients testing requirements

Additional services could include:
•    Secure an additional revenue by hiring out your load bank
•    Maximising customer potential i.e. generator supply, installation, commissioning and long term maintenance provider with load bank testing
•    Enhanced service revenue

About Crestchic
For in excess of 30 years we have been designing and manufacturing load banks that provide accurate, reliable electrical test loads for land based and marine applications, this is further complimented by a range of packaged transformers.  From our headquarters in the UK we manufacture, sell and hire our load banks globally.